45 x 90 Geographical Marker ~ Poniakowski, Wisconsin

Little did I know, but I grew up just an hour south of the 45 x 90 Geographical Marker, and would have continued to do so if it hadn’t been for my friends over at No Home Just Roam. (Check them out! They are on a 5 year, 50 state road trip and it’s awesome!) Thanks to them writing up a little post about this marker during their time in Wisconsin, Andrew and I knew we’d need to stop and check it out on the way back down to my parents.

While the log book you can sign after finding the marker is located at the Wausau Visitor Center, you actually have to drive about 25 miles west of there to reach the unincorporated town of Poniatowski. It is there that you will find the 45 x 90 geographical marker. Technically there are four 45 x 90 points in the world (these being the points halfway between the geographical poles, the equator, the 180th meridian, and the Prime Meridian), but this is the only one of the four that contains a marker and that is able to be accessed by all people. Two of the other points are located in the Pacific and Indian oceans, respectively, and the other is located in the mountains of China.

Out among the farm fields, lies the 45 x 90 marker. There is an area to park with a sign containing details of the 45 x 90 marker. It used to be that that was as close as you could get to the actual location, but there is now a gravel path that you can walk along further out into the field that will take you to the marker and the actual location of the 45 x 90 point.

It was an especially hot day the day we visited, so we just took our few photos and then went on our merry way back into Wausau to sign the guestbook, but they do have benches both along the path and by the marker itself if you’d like to spent a little longer there, although I’m not sure why you would need to!


Upon arriving at the Wausau Visitor Center, simply ask to sign the 45 x 90 guestbook. When you do they also give you a souvenir token that looks similar to the actual marker. It’s a great way to remember the time you spent at the marker!

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  1. Stephen Pepper · October 20, 2018

    Yay – glad you got to go 🙂


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