World’s Largest Penny ~ Woodruff, Wisconsin

Those who know us fairly well know that we can’t turn down an opportunity to visit a weird roadside attraction. After all, we had our first date at the World’s Largest Buffalo in Jamestown, ND and were engage under the shadow of Salem Sue in New Salem, ND. That being said, when we realized we could head back to my parents by traveling through Woodruff, we knew we needed to stop by and take a photo op with the World’s Largest Penny.

Unlike many large roadside attractions, this giant Penny actually has a pretty neat story for how it came to be that is much more unique than just providing an entertaining pit stop along the interstate or highway.


It is really cool to have this penny just across the street from where the current hospital sits, since that the reason all these pennies were collected in the first place. After reading that bit of history, it was time for our grand photo op before hitting the road again.


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