Copper Falls State Park ~ Mellen, Wisconsin

Following a night in Ashland, we began to make our way down to Wisconsin Rapids to be reunited with our pups who had been enjoying a stay at the kennel near my parents house. However, we had a few pit stops we wanted to make along the way. The first was to Copper Falls State Park. Our phone GPS was a bit spotty on the way there, but as we got closer there were plenty of signs pointing us in the right direction. You do need to pay the state park fee to enter the area.

There is a large parking lot near the waterfall trail (Doughboys Trail). There also is a shelter that contains rest rooms as well as an area that sells concessions and small gifts, at least in the summer! We made our way across a small bridge to begin our time on the Doughboys Trail which is 1.7 miles in length and gives overlooks to 3 waterfalls located within the park. The trail is a loop, but if you take the trail to the right first, instead of left like we did, parts of it are handicap accessible.


Very early on in the trail, we had the option to take a side hike to the Observation Tower. We opted to not as our legs were sore from hiking the day before and felt like it would be a lot of extra steps climbing to the top and back. It also seemed like we would just see a lot of trees rather than a nice overview of the area.

It wasn’t long before we reached the overlook to Copper Falls.


We continued on our journey along the trail and next reached the overlook for Brownstone Falls.

Next you reach another bridge that takes you over the area fondly known as Devils Gate.


On the other side of the Devils Gate bridge, the trail has a lot of built in rock steps as well as some boardwalk area that gives you another overlook to Brownstone Falls. From there the trail gets less strenuous as you approach The Cascades.


There is another small bridge to cross at the edge of the Cascades. Then you stroll through a bit of wooded area before reaching the parking lot again. Along this portion of trail, there is yet another overlook towards Brownstone Falls from a different angle. We also met some friendly wildlife on the way back to the lot!


The Doughboys Trail was a nice rewarding hike that gave plenty of opportunities to view the various waterfalls located along the trail. It wasn’t quite as impressive of falls as those we witnessed in Amnicon Falls State Park, but this could be due to all the rain Amnicon had experienced prior to our visit.

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