Pizza Pub ~ Ashland, Wisconsin

While finishing out our North Shore trip, we decided we’d try somewhere local for some pizza that night. We had 2-3 places to choose from that were local pizzerias that we wouldn’t find anywhere else. After perusing a few menus online, we opted to try Pizza Pub located on the far east side of town.

In hindsight, somewhere else may have been better only because there was road construction completely surrounding Pizza Pub. It took us 3 times around the block before we finally found a way to park in the gravel lot across the street.

Pizza Pub is actually quite a large establishment. The door we came in opened into a large dining room. Looking online it appears that they also had another dining room area that also contained a bar. We were able to seat ourselves at a table in that first dining room.

They had a salad bar set up along one wall that several people were using during their meals. We are not salad eaters, so I didn’t check it out.

We both decided to get a small 6 inch pizza seeing as how I’m more of a just cheese person and Andrew loves meat pizza. I ordered the Quattro that contained 4 cheeses and he ordered the Meat Lovers.

It doesn’t look like much when it arrives but it was quite tasty. We both easily finished off our pizzas while dining there. I’m not usually much of a thin crust person, but this one was done well without being too crispy.

One of their dessert items caught my eye when we were ordering our pizzas, so we asked them to put in a lava cake as soon as our pizza’s arrived. Since we both had eaten our whole pizza it was just right to share a lava cake at the end.


If pizza isn’t your favorite thing, Pizza Pub also offers burgers, sandwiches, “below the border” options, and a select number of dinner entrees as well. Other people were enjoying some of the dinner entrees and they looked quite tasty.

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