Kansas Bucket List ~ Southeast Region

We are moving on to our second region of six in the Kansas Bucket List Series.

Baxter Springs

  • Monarch Pharmacy: An old soda fountain along Route 66.


  • Jones Park Disc Golf Courses: These two courses are world class.
  • Peter Pan Disc Golf Course: This is home to the Glass Blown Open.

Fort Scott

  • Fort Scott National Historic Site: This fort is part of my National Park Passport.


  • Cars on the Route: A historic garage located on Route 66 and a tow truck that inspired Car’s Mater.


  • Little House on the Prairie Museum: Site of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie.


  • Chicken Annie’s Original Inc.: Family owned restaurant that helped make this the Chicken Capital of Kansas.
  • Chicken Mary’s: This restaurant has been featured on Travel Channel and is one of “8 Wonders of Kansas Cuisine.”


  • Marais des Cygnes Massacre State Historic Site: Proslavery men attacked free men at this site. It is also a National Historic Landmark.

West Mineral

  • Big Brutus Inc.: This is the world’s largest electric shovel.

All attractions taken from the 2018 Kansas Travel Guide.


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