Cascade Restaurant and Pub ~ Lutsen, Minnesota

During out stay at Cascade Lodge, we had the opportunity to have three breakfasts and three dinners onsite at the Cascade Restaurant. They always had plenty of options to choose from, so you never would get tired of eating at the same place. The wait staff was incredibly friendly and the food was made with many fresh ingredients.

The restaurant had both tables and booths, during our many visits we had opportunities to sit at either. Since they are a pub they also had some bar seating.


Our first night there, we opted to try two different appetizers and split them among the two of us. That night we ordered the Steak Bites and the Soft Pretzels and Beer Cheese Dip.

Our first morning, we wanted to have a nice big breakfast before heading out for a day of hiking north of the lodge. I ordered the Biscuits and Gravy (which were my favorite thing I ordered during my stay) and Andrew had the French Toast.

This particular morning we also got to have lakeside seats!


That night we both had burgers for dinner. Andrew had the Smokey Bear which had BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, bacon, and onion. I was feeling adventurous and tried the Poutine Burger which had cheese curds, cheddar cheese, and gravy. We both enjoyed our burgers, but the only downside is you don’t get to chose how well you would like them to be done, so they were a little more done than we typically prefer.

Here’s a top view of my burger to show just how much gravy they dumped over my burger.


The next morning we were headed to Split Rock Lighthouse. That morning Andrew ordered the Cascade Breakfast and I had the Buttermilk Pancakes. I ordered three and Anthony, our waiter, gave me a questioning glance. When they arrived and I saw how huge they were I understood why!

That night we both opted to try the French Dip sandwich. This was probably my least favorite thing from Cascade Restaurant since it was fatty in some places and a little bit dry. We also tried some of the Cheese Curds.

Our final morning we spent some time lingering over breakfast as we were truly sad to be leaving our beloved lodge and the wait staff we had grown to love. Huge shout out to both Anthony and George who took great care of us during the week. George in particular gave us a great send off meal and provided some great morning conversation with us! That morning we both had Three Egg Omelets. Mine was just with Pepperjack cheese and Andrew had his with pepperjack cheese and bacon.


We loved our stay at Cascade Lodge and the onsite Cascade Restaurant and Pub only enhanced the stay. We can’t wait to return someday and enjoy their great food and hospitality once again!

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