Missouri Bucket List ~ Northwest Region

We’ve reached the final region of Missouri, the Northwest. This region also has a fairly extensive list seeing as how it is home to Kansas City and the surrounding area.


  • Boone’s Lick State Historic Site: Site of an old salt manufacturing business owned by the legendary Boone family.


  • Tipple Hill Winery: Offers a wide range of wines; something for everyone.


  • Harry S. Truman Home National Historic Site- Truman Farm Home: One of several homes that is part of the Truman Home National Historic Site.


  • J.C. Penney Museum: A museum dedicated to the man who started the department stores of the same name.


  • Harry S. Truman National Historic Site-Norland Home and Truman Home: Two other homes run by the NPS, these are both located in town.
  • Harry S. Truman Library: The first in presidential libraries, Truman left everything to be documented and able to be viewed by the public. A fantastic museum to visit to learn more about the man who took over for FDR during trying times.
  • National Frontier Trails Museum: Independence is the spot many began their journey on both the Oregon and Santa Fe trails. This small museum details what those journeys would have been like.

Kansas City

  • Arabia Steamboat Museum: This museum details all of the treasures found in an unearthed shipwreck. Volunteers are still cleaning treasures found buried deep in the earth. You can watch them prepare them to be placed in the museum.
  • Arrowhead Stadium: Home of the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • The College Basketball Experience: This is the place to come to see what life in the NCAA is like.
  • Crown Center Complex: This indoor shopping experience has it all. Many unique stores and restaurants like the Crayola Cafe and Fritz’s, as well as Legoland and an aquarium.
  • Donald J. Sculpture Park: Located just outside the art museum, this area is best known for the giant shuttlecock sculptures.
  • Hallmark Visitors Center: Kansas City is the headquarters of the Hallmark company. They have a free small visitor center where you can learn the history of the company.
  • Harley-Davidson Factory Tours: A fun tour to see how the famous motorcycles are made.
  • Kansas City Fountains: Kansas City is home to the most fountains out of any city in the world!
  • Kansas City Royals Kauffman Stadium Tours: Stadium tours are always interesting to me.
  • Kansas City Zoo: This zoo is fantastic! The kangaroo area was my favorite, but all the exhibits are extremely well done.
  • National Museum of Toys and Miniatures: Sounds like a trip down nostalgia lane.
  • National World War I Museum and Memorial: This museum is a fantastic way to learn about the Great War which is often overshadowed by the second World War.
  • Negro Leagues Baseball Museum: A fascinating museum about baseball back when it was still a segregated sport. For a discount, purchase joint tickets with the adjacent Jazz Museum.
  • Union Station Kansas City: A fantastic piece of architecture that also occasionally has travelling museum exhibits located in the lower level.


  • Jesse James Birthplace: Birthplace of the famous outlaw.


  • Walt Disney Dreaming Tree and Barn: A place to see some of Walt’s favorite things about his hometown.
  • Walt Disney Hometown Museum: Filled with a unique Disney collection and artifacts.


  • Jim the Wonder Dog Park: Park that tells the story of this canine legend.


  • Riverwood Winery: More fruit wines!


  • Fort Osage National Historic Landmark: Displays what life was like for the American Indian population of 1800’s.

Saint Joseph

  • Jesse James Home: The home where Jesse James was murdered.
  • Pony Express National Museum: Museum dedicated to the ways of the old postal service.
  • Walter Cronkite Memorial: Memorial dedicated to the famed CBS news anchor.
  • Wyeth Hill Scenic Overlook: Offers a beautiful overlook of the Missouri River and bluffs.

Most attractions found in the 2018 Missouri Travel Guide.



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