Hiking at Cascade Lodge ~ Lutsen, Minnesota

As I mentioned in the post about Cascade Lodge, they offer a few hiking options just off of lodge property. Part of this is due to it’s proximity to Cascade State Park.

Our first evening there, we had just limited daylight left after a late dinner, so we decided to try out the shortest hike nearby, the Cascade Creek Trail. This trail was accessed nearby one of the cabins.


A quick trip over the wooden bridge got you to the other side of the fairly dry creek bed. Just on the other side they had a small devotional area set up, which upon further research has been used for on-site weddings they’ve held at the lodge. It looked like it had been a while since that had happened since there was quite a bit of growth built up around the benches.

This trail just takes you along the small creek that runs through the property. We turned back after a bit, but you have the option to continue on and it will make a loop back to lodge property up near the larger cabins.


The next afternoon we opted to try out the Cascade River Hiking Trail. This trail can be acessed just behind the Cascade Restaurant and leads you into Cascade State Park. The trail itself is a small dirt path and we did have to climb under one tree that had fallen across the path while we ventured down this path.

Along the way, you can get some nice views of Lake Superior.


You will know when you are close to the park and Cascade River because you can hear the falls before you see them. You also will meet up with another path. You will want to take that path to the left to ensure you see many of the Cascades along the river.

Most of the main trail once you’ve made it into Cascade State Park is boardwalk. We kept walking along to view even more falls along the river.

Eventually you reach a bridge. We opted to walk over that and turn to the left to take in a few more cascades before heading back for dinner.

It’s amazing how many beautiful waterfalls were just a short hike from our lodge!

Cascade Lodge also offers a hiking option to Lookout Point. Be warned this trail is not well traveled and would be easy to get lost on if you don’t bring the provided map along. We didn’t make it all the way to Lookout Point seeing as how the thunder started to rumble after we’d gone nearly a mile uphill. We made a very quick turn around back to the lodge, but then didn’t even see any rain for the rest of that night! I joke that it was God’s way of telling us we weren’t supposed to go to Lookout Point!

As you can see, you would never even have to leave the lodge area to see some beautiful waterfalls and do some nice hiking, but there area also so many state parks further north and south to explore that this makes for a nice central location while staying on the North Shore.

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