Grand Portage State Park ~ Grand Portage, Minnesota

Our first full day on the North Shore we decided to head the hour north to Grand Portage State Park. This park is located right on the American/Canadian border. Parking is found at the last (or first if coming from Canada), rest area found in Minnesota. There is no fee to get into the park since you access it from the rest area. They do have a visitor center and small gift shop located inside the building.


Our main goal when visiting was to check out High Falls. The path is a little bit of boardwalk and a little bit asphalt all the way to High Falls.

About partway to High Falls, the path breaks off to keep going to High Falls or takes you further into the woods to head to Middle Falls, we had a lot we wanted to see that day so we only went to High Falls.


Towards the end of the High Falls path, there are several stairs to climb to reach the overlook.


At the top you reach your first overlook and first nice few of High Falls.


If you look close you can see the fence and viewing area on the other side of the river.


We took some nice photos in front of the falls and also enjoyed reading a little bit about them on the sign.

There’s another overlook a little further back but higher up that gives you an even better view.


As we walked back to the parking lot, we went down a small offshoot down towards the river so we could say we stuck our feet in international waters.

From there we also saw the road into Canada.


Grand Falls State Park was absolutely beautiful and a great way to start our morning. I highly recommend making the trek all the way up to it if you find yourself on Minnesota’s North Shore.

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