Cascade Lodge ~ Lutsen, Minnestoa

Our home away from home! We finally reached our lodge in Minnesota after several tourist stops and several delays from road construction around 7pm the first night of our North Shore trip. When I booked our stay, we signed up for the Bed and Breakfast package. When checking in at the main lodge, the clerk working checked us in promptly and gave us our tickets that we could turn in for our breakfast every morning at the on-site restaurant. The restaurant serves breakfast until 2pm every day, so you have plenty of time to use them. He also gave us a detailed map of the property showing where our “hotel” room was and where we could park, as well as various hiking opportunities we could take advantage of on-site, more on that in another post.


The main lodge sits just off of Highway 61 facing Lake Superior. If you are staying in the lodge, you can book lake view rooms or forest view rooms. They also have two main sitting areas on the lower level where you can play games and some nice deck space out front where you can enjoy the views. They also have several cabins on-site you can rent out, plus four “hotel rooms,” which was our choice of lodging for the three nights we spent there.


I say “hotel rooms”, because they are basically just 4 small cabins all attached the have just what you would expect in a standard hotel room, but with a much homier feel. We had the first one on the left. There are three that face out towards the lake and a 4th located behind these three.

When you walk in you are greeted with the bedroom area, which also has a small table with two chairs, a desk, a small fridge and microwave, TV, and a rack for suitcases. They also provide a fold up bed if you have more than two people staying in a room, and a small space heater since the summers can still get quite cool in the evening but they turn the main heaters off for the summer.

The bathroom is further to the back. Huge plus of the bathroom was that it had heated tile floor! Made it very nice for those cool mornings we experienced while there.

We had a beautiful view from our deck area, but many times during our nights there is was a bit cool to enjoy it completely.

Like any hotel, we were provided with an ice bucket, however you had to make sure to go get your ice from the main lodge by 10pm. This is because the ice machine was located in the basement game room area, and they only kept that open until 10 so the noise doesn’t disturb main lodge guests.

As you can see the game room offered many opportunities for fun activities. They even had a TV with an old gaming system and a few games set up in another corner and also had a microwave and pizza oven available for use down there. We never actually came up to use it as we often returned quite late in the evening, and after dinner, were usually too tired from hiking to do much else then watch a little TV before bed.

Due to the lodge’s proximity to the lake, they actually “own” a bit of lake shore property on the other side of the highway that allows guests to go down and explore. It’s a very rocky shoreline, and we found a few rocks and pebbles to take home to remember our journey. They also have a fire pit just before you head down to the lake that you can utilize to make hot dogs or s’mores, or anything else you’d like to cook over a fire that you’ve brought along. I never could get a picture of that area since it always seemed to be in use whenever we were around. However we took a trek down to the lake almost every night.

We absolutely loved our stay at Cascade Lodge and really, really can’t wait to get back! There’s always so much to see in the United States alone, so it’s hard to justify going back to a place a second time, but this was one of our most favorite trips we’ve taken, and definitely our favorite lodging we’ve ever had! I have nothing but good things to say about this place! The staff was phenomenal and the food at the restaurant was delightful (more on that later.) Plus it’s so close to so many fun state parks!

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