Missouri Bucket List ~ Southeast Region

Today we begin a new state in the Bucket List series. We are moving from Kentucky to Missouri. Andrew and I spent three years in Missouri, but as I flip through the Missouri Travel Guide, I realize just how little we actually experienced in a state that has so much to offer. Our first region is the Southeast, a region we rarely visited in our three years there, however, there are just a few attractions listed in this post that we have had the opportunity to visit.


  • Lutheran Heritage Center and Museum- This is one place we’ve visited in the region and as Lutherans, we highly enjoyed finding family connections while there.


  • Elephant Rocks State Park: This park is filled with giant rocks that you can hike over and around. Best part of Missouri is all state parks are free!


  • Bollinger Mill State Historic Site: This location allows you to tour an old mill and walk over an old covered bridge.


  • Cuba Missouri’s Historical Murals: A small town located along Route 66, the town’s history is displayed in murals around town.
  • World’s Largest Rocking Chair: We stopped to see this roadside oddity just off of I-44 and located on old Route 66.

East Prairie

  • Big Oak Tree State Park: Come visit the park where a large oak tree is a National Landmark.


  • Saxon Lutheran Memorial: Located just down the road from the Lutheran Heritage Center, it’s another memorial related to how the Lutheran church made it’s beginnings in the area.


  • Taum Sauk Mountain State Park: This park is home to the highest point in Missouri.


  • Trail of Tears State Park: Park located along the historic Trail of Tears.


  • Onondaga Cave State Park: This is one of the most spectacular caves in the country according to the 2018 Travel Guide.


  • Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park: This is one park we did visit while living in state. The shut-ins are a unique rocky area along a water way where you can climb and explore. Bring your swim suits!

New Madrid

  • Mississippi River Observation Deck: A nice boardwalk overlooks the Mississippi
  • New Madrid Historical Museum: The most powerful earthquake in the U.S. occurred in New Madrid and their museum houses details about the quake.

Park Hills

  • Missouri Mines State Historic Site: Tour an old mining site.


  • The Ozark Trail: Several short hikes can be taken along the area, but the trail as a whole is 230 mi


  • Log Cabin Library: This log cabin still houses a library just as it was built to do years ago.

St. James

  • St. James Winery: This is Missouri’s largest wine producer and offers 40 different wines.
  • Vacuum Cleaner Museum: The only one of it’s kind.

Ste. Genevieve

  • Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary: This is a non-profit big cat rescue.


  • Grand Gulf State Park: This canyon was formed when a giant cave collapsed. Now you can see one of the largest natural land bridges in Missouri.

Van Buren

  • Ozark National Scenic Riverways: This is another area we have visited. I would like to return to see more in this large area.


  • Rocky Falls: Part of the National Park Ozark National Scenic Riverway.

All attractions found in the 2018 Missouri Travel Guide.



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