Gooseberry Falls State Park ~ Two Harbors, Minnesota

About 13 miles north of Two Harbors, we reached our final pit stop of the day before making the final trek to our lodge where we would spend the next three nights. Gooseberry Falls State Park is the second most visited state park in the state of Minnesota, and rightfully so. It was absolutely beautiful to visit!

We found it odd that we could drive right in and park without being stopped to pay a fee at the rangers station. Maybe you were supposed to pay a fee at the visitor center, but they had no signs pointing you in that direction or anything stopping you from venturing further down the path to the falls without paying a fee. Either way, we more than made up for our state park fee later in the week with the many others we visited!

The main trail from the parking lot takes you past the visitor center/bathrooms/gift shop to the main falls area. There are many signs pointing you in the direction of the falls. The falls are made up of three parts: Upper, Middle, and Lower. We actually started at the Middle Falls.


The great thing about Gooseberry Falls is that the rocks make it very easy to climb all over the falls area. We spent a good chunk of time just exploring the area by the Middle Falls before heading further down the path.

I could have spent hours just exploring that one section, but we went further downstream to check out the Lower Falls next.

Again, we could have spent hours clambering over the rocks, but it was nearly 5 and we still had an hour to go before reaching our lodge for the night. So before we left the park we went back upstream to check out Upper Falls. We simply viewed these from the overlook along the trail.


The cool thing about Gooseberry Falls is Highway 61 runs right through the park. You actually drive over the falls as you go! Here’s the bridge that carries you over the falls.


Gooseberry Falls was just the first of many state parks we visited on this trip, but was by far my personal favorite. They also had the best gift shop of any of the parks we visited. If you are ever in the area, do not skip out on visiting this park! We enjoyed the hour we spent there, but easily could have spent far more time as well. You really could make a whole day of it.

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