Buffalo Wings and Ring ~ Bismarck, North Dakota

A few months before visiting Andrew’s parents in Bismarck, they brought a new restaurant to my attention. Glancing through the menu, it seemed similar to Buffalo Wild Wings (of which I’m a huge fan,) so it seemed only fitting to try this new place when we had the chance.

Looking online I also realized that they do have quite a few locations around the nation, one being in Aberdeen, SD, very close to where we live now.

The Wings and Rings location in Bismarck is quite large and had three main seating area. Two areas were regular dining areas, the other is the bar area, (which also had a bit of seating that wasn’t bar-like), in which you had to be 21 to sit in the area. This is where we opted to sit.

As you can see, because of the sports bar feel, you can find a TV anywhere in the restaurant!

So much on the menu sounded good, that we opted for an appetizer trio platter to start. This allowed us to sample the pretzel bites, onion rings, and Parmesan garlic aioli fries. I’m not an onion rings fan, but Andrew said they were quite good. I was a huge fan of the pretzel bites. The garlic fries were good, but also a little overwhelming when you got more to the middle of the pile which was saturated with the aioli sauce.


All these appetizers were quite filling as it was, so I’m glad we only each decided to order 5 wings. We both ordered medium “hot-ness”, mine with buffalo sauce and Andrew’s with sweet BBQ. As you can see the wings are huge if you order boneless, and seem to be much more “real” chicken then the boneless wings you would expect at Buffalo Wild Wings or Applebees, however I much prefer the sauce flavor at Buffalo Wild Wings.

We both had leftover chicken to take home with us, and it heat up well the next day. We also both agreed that we would gladly return for a meal another time (and have once already in Aberdeen.) It’s not an all time high restaurant on my list, but it’s nice when you want lots of great wing options.

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