Lick-a-Dee Splitz ~ Three Lakes, Wisconsin

Every summer we visit my parents during their week at their cottage is never without a trip to Lick-a-Dee Splitz. They have some of the best ice cream around and also some amazing fudge. This past June we visited twice, once for fudge and once for ice cream.

Lick-a-Dee Splitz offers a wide variety of Fudge. Andrew typically goes for a quarter pound of Peanut Butter fudge and a quarter pound of Camp Luther Fudge which is mint with Oreo chunks. I myself love the Mama Bear Fudge and so usually just end up with a half pound of that. For every pound you buy, you also receive 1/4 lb for free.

If fudge isn’t your thing, you can also try some of the other many candies and chocolates they make in house.

If that’s not your thing either, they also offer several novelty candy options that will take you back in time. (sorry the picture from my phone is blurry.)


If none of those options suits your fancy, then I strongly suggest the ice cream. Lick-a-Dee Splitz has two large freezers full of ice cream options. Only one is shown in the picture below.


They have their standard flavors listed on a sign and also have another sign that shows sundae, shake, and smoothie options, as well as the 12 scoop, 4 toppings Bidonkadonk Challenge. (Andrew has tried this and I have to say it’s not advised.) They don’t always have all flavors on hand, but the flavor sign gives you an idea of what you might expect to see on your visit.

A single scoop portion actually allows you to choose two flavors as their “scoops” are quite large. The day we visited we all opted for single scoops. My mom and Andrew both wound up with Moosetracks.


I opted for one scoop of Mackinaw Island Fudge and one scoop of Pirates Booty which was a caramel ice cream.


And my dad was the only one to get his in a cone. He also tried the Pirates Booty as well as Raspberry Chocolate Chunk. We all were very happy with our choices.

Lick-a-Dee Splitz has a small eating space indoors, but also has several tables outside you can utilize during our visit. We always try to enjoy the deck space unless it’s still cold as early June in the Wisconsin Northwoods can be from time to time.

I highly recommend checking out Lick-a-Dee Splitz if you are ever visiting the Northwoods during the summer tourism season. They do close in the off season so beware of that if you visit any other time than summer!

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