Three Lakes Winery~ Three Lakes, Wisconsin

The cottage my parents have for a week every summer is located at a camp near Three Lakes, Wisconsin. This means we always have time to visit the Three Lakes Winery at least once a year. Sometimes we’ve also rented cottages up there in the fall or winter as well. (The winery is a lot less busy in those off season months!)

When we visited the Three Lakes Winery this past summer, the tasting area was quite busy. We had to wait a little while to be served. Luckily this gave us plenty of time to check out the selections and begin to decide what we’d want to sample that day.


As you can see, it’s a free tasting, but you are limited to 6 wines, and they have so many more to choose from. This was my third time tasting at this winery and I tried all new ones from any other time I’ve visited. They are especially known for their Cranberry Wines and I’m also a huge fan of the Lakeside, shown in the top section of the list. I always pick up at least a bottle of that when I stop by.


After we finished tasting, I also wound up with a bottle of Cabin (Cranberry mixed with Blackberry) and Old Glory (Cranberry mixed with Blueberry). Like most wineries, they tend to offer special deals when you buy higher amounts. I think the first deal here started with 6 bottles, but I had a coupon from a tourism guide that saved me a few bucks on the three as well.

Three Lakes Winery also has lots of other food goodies you can purchase, from sausage, to cheese spreads, to dip, bread and soup mixes, you’ll find it hard to leave empty handed. They have one cheese spread in particular that we are quite fond of and always stock up on when we visit. We just love that Cranberry Wine Cheddar, plus it freezes well!

I highly recommend stopping by the Three Lakes Winery if you are ever in the area. The staff is friendly, the wine is tasty, and they even offer tours if that’s something you are interested in!

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