Milwaukee Burger Co. ~ Appleton, Wisconsin

Before heading up north to my parent’s cottage for a week of fun, we drove just over an hour from their house to have dinner with a friend and his family. We didn’t really know what would be the best place to meet up for dinner, so we took his suggestion of Milwaukee Burger Co. As their name suggests, they have several locations around the state, including a few in the Milwaukee area.

The one thing the place is really known for (besides their burgers of course,) is their selection of cheese curds. They have classic, fire (pepper jack), mozzarella, or fair. Fair curds are the standard cheese curds many in Wisconsin or elsewhere would be accustomed to receiving with a meal, the others are much larger. We ordered a classic order for the whole table to share. The picture here shows it on a small appetizer plate so that you can have an idea of just how large they are. I didn’t mind how they tasted, but do prefer a smaller curd myself.


I had ordered a burger the night before at Jennings, so I opted to not go for what they are known for and ordered the boneless wings. Due to the fact that it was currently Happy Hour and they had specials on 5 or 7 wings at that time, it didn’t allow them to ring up the standard 10 I ordered. This meant that the waiter gave me 14 since that was the same price as the 10. There’s no way I needed 14 wings, so I wound up taking a lot home.


The wings were incredibly spicy and also had a few fatty chunks in the meat here or there, so if I visit again, I’d definitely order a burger instead. I usually don’t mind spicy but these were especially hot!

Andrew decided to go with their Brown Sugar and Smoked Cheddar burger which came with bacon, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, and onions. He was very happy with the flavor of his burger, but also had some to take home as it was quite large.


Overall our food was good at Milwaukee Burger and it was a great place to meet to hang out for an hour or so. I’d go again if someone wanted to meet there, but wouldn’t go out of my way to visit on my own anytime soon.

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