Jennings & Co. ~ Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Whenever we visit my parents back in my hometown we always make sure to stop by Jennings. The number one reason is because they have some of the best cheese curds we’ve found, but all of their other food is equally delicious. This time when we visited, we went on Mac and Cheese Wednesday. It’s not normally on their menu but the chef creates a different type every Wednesday. The also have a burger of the week, but note that if you order that the chef does not allow any changes to be made to the burger. The Mac and Cheese however can be ordered without certain toppings if you choose.

As always we made a point to order an basket of cheese curds to share as a starter.


The Mac and Cheese of the day was a Pepperjack Mac with ranch dressing, jalapeno and onion sticks, and chicken. My mom and Andrew both decided to get an order, but Andrew got his without the ranch drizzle. While intrigued by the thought of pepperjack cheese in macaroni, I was worried I would get tired of it after a few bites, so I opted to get the standard cheese burger.

The burger was perfectly juicy and done just like I asked. I’m also a huge fan of the homemade chips and dip that come as a side with their burgers. Andrew and my mom both were glad to have tried the mac and cheese, but both agreed that it was spicier than they anticipated. They both had a ton of leftovers to take home.

I highly recommend visited Jennings if you are in Wisconsin Rapids. It’s the best food I’ve found in town and you can be sure to enjoy anything on their menu!

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