MAC’S~ Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

While staying with my parents in early June, my mom had suggested that we visit Fawn Creek Winery around lunch time to both sample wines and try their giant soft pretzel for lunch. Sadly when we visited they were out of their Jumbo Pretzels so after trying their wines and purchasing a bottle of the peach wine for Andrew, we were left scrabbling for lunch options.

Being we were very close to the Wisconsin Dells, I’d messaged my mom remembering there was a good Mac and cheese place so after finding the location we headed out to MAC’S (Macaroni and Cheese Shop.)

When you arrive at MAC’S you place your order at the counter and then find a table to sit at with the number they give you. We opted to sit at one of the tables since many of the booths were full. The Wisconsin Dells location is right on the main street through downtown, so you can also sit along the counter and see the tourists out on the street.

They have a menu listed behind the counter on a chalkboard, but also have take-out menus located at the table so you could sit down and think about what you want before you go up to the counter.

As you can see they also offer Melts and Salads, but why go to a Mac and Cheese place and not order a Mac? We opted for the Buffalo Mac for me (without Blue cheese) and Andrew ordered the Memphis Mac.

After a short wait our Macs arrived at the table. It was a pretty short wait given they cook each order in the oven.

The servings may look small, but they filled us up quickly. The bread that came with them was also very tasty. We both actually had leftovers to take home. I highly recommend Macs and would certainly visit one of their various locations around Wisconsin again if I was in the area.

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