Beef O’Brady’s ~ Perryville, Missouri

Following our tour at the Lutheran Heritage Center, it was already creeping far past noon. We have friends who live in Perryville and used to work at Beef O’Brady’s. Having visited once before we choose to stop there for lunch on our way back to St. Louis.

Beef O’Brady’s is a sports bar that offers the types of food you would expect from a sports bar, but I’ve included pictures of the menu below.

Having visited before, we knew we both wanted to order the boneless wings. We opted to use the special deal they were offering in the first picture which allowed us to receive an appetizer to share and then two entrees, as well as beverages for both of us. Altogether this would cost us $25.

We were especially glad to do it this way as we were already extremely hungry. That being said it took them forever to bring us even our appetizer.


While waiting for our food, I managed to sneak a picture of what the seating options are like at Beef’s.


It probably took yet another half hour from when our cheese curds arrived at the table (which had already been a 20 minute wait) until our wings and fries arrived. I had ordered mine with spicy garlic and Andrew ordered his with honey BBQ. We found the wait time quite ridiculous seeing as how only about 5 tables in the place were occupied. Also while we waited we heard them say numerous times that they had no fresh silverware ready to go.

Our food finally arrived, and our waitress quickly put the food in front of us without any apology for the wait and then ran off to yell more about how they had no one to wash dishes. Nevermind that we didn’t have any silverware with which to eat our boneless wings. I’m all for eating normal wings with my hands, but typically a prefer to eat boneless with a fork. I was extremely disappointed with the wait time and the lack of care from our waitress, especially as our previous visit a year or two before had been so positive.


The wings were good, but none of the food was as good as I remembered from the past, which is really saying something given how hungry I also was. Typically if I’m hungrier, food tastes better to me, even if it isn’t that good to anyone else! Many of my wings were also very fatty. I wish this would have been the more positive experience we had on our first visit, but following this visit, I find it highly unlikely that I would ever visit again.



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