Lutheran Heritage Center and Museum ~ Altenburg, Missouri

For many reading this, this post might not sound all that exciting, but as a future pastor’s wife at the time of this visit and current pastor’s wife now, this was a must visit before we left Missouri. The Lutheran Heritage Center and Museum is located in Perry County and it’s claim to fame is that it is where the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod began. Today not much can be found in the area, but it is still seen as a “pilgrimage” site to those in the synod.

The museum is free to visit and staffed by volunteers. We were the only ones there the day we visited and the man working personally took us through the museum area, pointing out key artifacts as we went along. Unknown to us, we actually found a connection to Andrew’s ancestors while touring the museum.

If you ask they also will give you a tour of Trinity Lutheran Church and The Log Cabin Seminary, both found on grounds, but are locked unless you are on a tour with a guide.

The first stop we made with our guide following the museum was Trinity Lutheran Church. The inside is very beautiful. Years ago, a storm passed through that completely knocked down the steeple. The history of that event can be found in the redone stained glass.

Much of the church has been remodeled throughout the years, but the crucifix on the altar and the baptismal basin are original to the church and were brought over with the German immigrants who settled the area and founded the church. One family that still lives in the area has had six generations baptized in that basin.


Following our tour of the church building, we walked across the street to the Log Cabin Seminary. The Seminary building was essentially a one room school house, with a loft space above. While touring the cabin, they also show you a detailed list of subjects the students had to learn while studying in the cabin. It was quite extensive!

We really enjoyed our time at the museum and were glad we had the time to spend on a full tour. It was nice to have a one on one tour with the guide, and I’m sure that’s often the case as this is not a huge tourist destination by any means.

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  1. Warren Schmidt · September 13, 2018

    My name is Warren Schmidt, and I was your tour guide. I just ran across this blog post and was pleasantly surprised. Thanks for your kind words. A gentleman by the name of John Hilpert visited us recently and remembers some Wolfgrams he met when he and his wife once visited Niagara, North Dakota. When the Hilperts visited Niagara, he said they were treated like royalty because of their ancestor, Rev. Hilpert, and his contributions to their church.


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