BlackStones~ Iowa City, IA

Over Memorial Weekend, Andrew and I had the joy of revisiting our vicarage congregation in Iowa City, as Andrew was invited to preach for the services. Of course, being back in Iowa City meant we had to hit up our old favorite restaurants that we loved during our year living there. For some reason, I never wrote up a blog post about BlackStones which is so weird because it’s the first local restaurant we ever had the chance to eat at! So here is our long overdue post about our favorite Iowa City restaurant!

BlackStones is an upscale contemporary restaurant found on the far east side of Iowa City. While the decor and feel of the restaurant are upscale, the prices are still very reasonable for what you receive in food portions. Our first time there was when we initially visited our congregation, so members from the church had reserved a private room for our party of 10. I believe they have two private rooms. They also have a bar area and two or three main dining areas with tables and booths.

During our first visit, we ordered a few Satay Samplers as appetizers for the tables to share. I also ordered a burger and Andrew tried the Mac and Cheese. It was all fantastic. We took family there various times when they visited and also went there for our own special occasions for date nights. Always we’d come back to starting our meals off with the Satay Sampler.

Now what is the Satay Sampler you may ask? You are served three skewers of meat: chicken, shrimp, and beef. The chicken and beef are both seasoned and various Asian sauces are drizzled over the platter. There also is a pile of seaweed served in the middle of the plate for added presentation, but my mom usually enjoyed eating her way through that as well.

This sampler alone could be your meal if you didn’t want to share with anyone. For a few times, Andrew and I would order one to share and each order a side of Mac and Cheese or Fries to go with it, but on our most recent visit, we each just ordered the Satay Sampler. Neither Andrew and I are shrimp fans, but they will gladly accommodate and let you choose another beef or chicken to sub in the shrimps place. I personally love the beef the best so I subbed in a second portion of that.


This is hands down my favorite meal to eat in Iowa City and anytime we visit I will gladly return to BlackStones. There is often a wait during the dinner hour, but it is so worth the wait!

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