Seamus McDaniel’s ~ St. Louis, Missouri

Located just south of the St. Louis zoo is the wonderful Irish neighborhood fondly known as Dogtown. Every year they have their own St. Patrick’s Day parade, which we always seem to miss since we are usually at work or school. But one wonderful place to visit in Dogtown during any time of year is Seamus McDaniel’s.

Seamus McDaniel’s is a delightful Irish Pub. Most often when I visit, I order a burger, but on our final visit to this pub before moving it was rather warm outside, so we opted to just order appetizers to have a meal on the “lighter side.” In reality, there is no lighter side when buying food at Seamus McDaniel’s as all the portions are quite large.

On this particular visit I opted to get Pub Pretzels as my main course, while Andrew went for the Toasted Ravioli, a St. Louis specialty.

As you can see by the table top, this particular visit we chose to eat outside, but they have plenty of seating both inside and out at Seamus McDaniels. Another thing we always have to order when visiting is the Fried Cheese. This is because it isn’t just your typical Mozzarella sticks, they also have the with pepper cheese. We always get the combo of the two!


Luckily with these, they are different sizes, so it’s easy to know what kind of fried cheese you are grabbing. We highly recommend a visit to Seamus McDaniel’s but after having the appetizers suggest going with just a burger and some fried cheese instead of the other appetizers.

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