Kentucky Bucket List ~ Caves, Lakes, and Corvettes Region

Today we move on to a new state for our Bucket List series. The Kentucky 2018 Travel Guide splits the state into 9 different regions, so we will have 9 posts about Kentucky. Because it is a smaller state and split into so many regions, most of these lists will be fairly short.

Bowling Green

  • Chaney’s Dairy Barn: This farm makes for a day of fun with self-guided tours of the Dairy as well as an on-site restaurant and some “premium” ice cream.
  • National Corvette Museum: While I’m not big on cars, Andrew would love this, and Corvettes can’t be all that bad to look at for awhile.


  • Historic Sulphur Well Park: This park was formed after a man was trying to find a salt spring…and wound up hitting a sulphur spring instead.

Horse Cave

  • American Cave Museum: Since this is Cave region, it only makes sense to check out the Cave Museum. Museum admission is included in the fee to also take a tour of the Cave located in the area.

Mammoth Cave

  • Mammoth Cave National Park: Not only did this make it on the list because it’s a National Park, but it’s also the largest known cave system in the whole world, so that’s pretty cool.

All attractions found in the 2018 Kentucky Travel Guide.


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