Missouri Botanical Garden ~ St. Louis, Missouri

I’ll keep this post short and sweet because I have mentioned how much I love the Missouri Botanical Garden before in my post about the Garden Glow. But since I did mention then how this is my favorite place to visit in the city, I thought my readers deserved to see some pictures from the Garden when the temperatures are a little warmer.

(Side note, I do believe prices have also increased for admission to the garden….although we were able to use AAA membership to get in at a discount.)

I love visiting the Garden anytime in the spring or summer because something is always blooming! We got especially lucky when we visited in May as all the flower beds by the Tower Grove house were in full bloom.


My most favorite part of the Garden, no matter the season, is the Japanese Garden area. Here you get to walk along a beautiful pond area. At one point they even have food available to feed the Koi and geese and ducks that take over a bridge area. But my personal favorite is the bridge walking path along the edge of the pond.


For the first time ever, while visiting this time around, we decided to check out Home Gardening section. Before this I never had much interest as we were always living places where I couldn’t have a garden, but now that we knew we were headed to South Dakota for an extended amount of time I could actually start thinking about it. They had all sorts of plants growing in that area and also have an entire building where you can go to get advise and look up info about when it’s good to plant certain things and how you should go about it.

Another grand feature of the Garden is the Climatron, which is always filled with interesting plants. They also have a special kids playground area outside if you are bringing your little ones to the Garden. I’ve heard from several parents that it’s one of the best playground areas in the city.

As you can see, I have nothing but positive things to say about the Missouri Botanical Garden. If St. Louis was my permanent home, I would pay to have the membership just so I could visit whenever I chose. Plus members get a discount on special events like the Garden Glow and get a discount in their amazing gift shop!

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