National Blues Museum ~ St. Louis, Missouri

During a staycation date weekend, Andrew and I decided to use tickets I had bought for the National Blues Museum back in March through Groupon. I’d been itching to visit the museum ever since I had heard it finally opened. This museum had been in the works since we moved to St. Louis back in 2014. One of my preschool kids had brought in a souvenir from the museum and after talking with his mom, she said it would be a great place to visit without kids.

The Blues Museum is filled with tons of old artifacts dealing with our Blues music began and continues to be an influence in the music world today. Because of this, you are not allowed to take many pictures in the museum. Only in very specific areas they have marked for “selfies.”

When we walked in the doors, it was very easy to get our wristbands in exchange for our Groupon voucher. We got in for nearly half price. After receiving our wristbands we were greeted warmly by a museum volunteer who gave us a brief run down of what we would see in the museum and pointed out some of the “Blues Greats” on the wall.

From time to time, there are interactive exhibits located throughout the museum. One fun one taught you how to play certain bluesy  percussion instruments like the washboard or spoons for a bluegrass band.

They also had a sections where you could take pictures of yourself as the star blues singer in the club.


While we were there, we also got a unique presentation on our a player piano works and were allowed to step into the display area to see it’s music turning. This to me was the highlight of the visit. Sadly since it’s an older artifact, I have no pictures to prove it!

The museum works you through the history of the blues chronologically and ends in a nice gift shop. While we enjoyed our time at the museum, I’m glad we only paid the Groupon price to get in. I know it’s a new museum that needs funds and was really well put together, but for me, $15 a person is quite a bit for the extent of the museum. Apparently some evenings they also have their live music and recording room open for people to come down and hear some authentic blues. That could prove to be a good time!


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