Cardinals Nation ~ St. Louis, Missouri

Hello again! I’m finally back at the blogging following a month of travels in June and our big move to South Dakota in the middle of July. Needless to say since I am still reviewing places we visited in spring, and I have a ton more to report on from this summer, I’ve already got enough blog posts to keep this blog busy through October! Since we finally have nearly all the boxes unpacked in our new home, I figured I’d get things started back up on here! Hopefully since I’m taking on the role of housewife I’ll have time and remember to keep up with my 5 posts a week!

Something I’ve always wanted to do since we first moved to St. Louis was dine in one of the many restaurants that makes up Ballpark Village. So naturally we waited to do that until one of our last months in St. Louis. We took the Metro in with plans to visit the Blues Museum later that afternoon. We got off near the ballpark, but were met with quite a mess of construction as they are currently expanding Ballpark Village. It also took a bit of effort was we got to the village complex to arrive in our choice of restaurant as the main area was closed off for a special event occurring in the center of the building. Once we finally got ourselves into Cardinals Nation we were promptly seated by the hostess at a nice booth where we also could still see several of the TV’s in the bar area across the way.

Cardinals Nation offers a variety of seating from booths to tables to bar seating. And of course, the decor is all based around baseball!

They also have a very extensive menu….I’ve included the pictures of the menu below. There were lots of tempting items to try!

Andrew and I are both suckers for Mac and Cheese so we each ordered that. His with bbq pulled pork and mine with buffalo chicken.

We were both glad we opted to order meat with it because I think it would have tasted a little bland without it. You certainly got a decent portion for the money you spent, but I wish the flavor had been a little more enticing. However our meat was some nice quality meat.

We both had to eat as much as we could and leave the rest seeing as how we were headed to the museum next and heading back home on the Metro. Neither of which would be great places to be carrying around takeout boxes. I’m glad we tried Cardinals Nation but have a lot of other places I’d rather spend my money.


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