Strange Donuts- St. Louis, Missouri

We have been coming to Strange Donuts for years! Well 4 years since that’s how long we’ve lived in St. Louis, but we just love their donuts more than any other donut place in the area!

We used to go to their Maplewood location all the time because it was close to campus when we lived on campus for two years. This year since we live in Florissant, we opted to visit the Kirkwood location following choir rehearsal at church the Saturday before Easter. The Kirkwood location is much smaller but still has those fantastic donuts. It was fun to visit before a holiday because on top of their normal strange creations, they also had some Easter themed creations.


My donuts are at the top of the picture. I got a Bart’s which is butterfinger and chocolate frosting. We both got dirt cake which is pretty self-explanatory with the chocolate frosting and oreos on a chocolate donut and of courase garnished with a gummy worm. Andrew also opted to try one of their Easter creations that included the Peep topping. He said it was the heaviest donut he’s ever eaten but still gave it a big thumbs up!

I love Strange Donuts, but you just never know what your options will be when you walk in the door since they changed menu options frequently and also sell our quickly. I got the last Bart’s of the day! That being said, you’ll have much better luck going later on a week day and having things left than going on a Saturday morning like we did.

The nice thing about Strange Donuts is that they also offer some gluten free options. Sure you are limited to one or two options, but at least they have something!

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