Nathaniel Reid Bakery- St. Louis, Missouri

Early in the year, I’d heard announcers discussing their favorite bakeries while listening to the radio. One of the ladies swore by Nathaniel Reid Bakery. I hadn’t heard of it prior to that but a quick web search told me this was a place to check out. I’d been wanting to try French macarons for a few months, and they had several flavors listed on their site.

When we drove to the bakery a few days before Easter, I was not prepared for the line of people we would meet inside. Several people were picking up special orders for the holiday. Others were simply picking up a sandwich for brunch. Everything smelled wonderful and looked amazing, but we were there on a mission for two little macarons.

This had lots to choose from that day, but most were fruit flavored, which is not my thing when it comes to dessert. I’d seen online that they had a chocolate macaron, but that was no where to be seen in the display case that day. We had to settle for one that was vanilla on one side and chocolate on the other with a chocolate ganache in the middle. I have no idea what the actual flavor was called and it’s not on their website for me to find now that I’m writing.

As soon as we reached the counter displays we were able to tell a girl what we wanted. She bagged it up, but then we still had to make our way through the line to get to the cashier. We probably spent 20 minutes in line for those two macarons, and the cashier thanked us for being so patient while we waiting for such a small order.

We took our macarons home for dessert to have with our lunch. I have to say that they were quite delightful! The top of mine did get a little smushed during the journey home, so the picture isn’t the best!


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