Pappy’s Smokehouse- St. Louis, Missouri

Ever since we moved to St. Louis, Andrew’s relatives have been suggesting we try Pappy’s Smokehouse. Finally, over spring break, we gave it a go. Boy! We probably should have tried it sooner, but I’m sure our pocketbooks are much happier that we waited! This has been my favorite barbecue we’ve found in the city!


As you can see, Pappy’s is the type of place where you order at the counter and then your food is delivered to your table. You may also notice the small white board to the side where they will list anything that is sold out for the day. Since we went during lunch, nothing was sold out at that point, but given how busy and long the line was when we were there for a late lunch, it’s easy to see how they may sell out during the day. We both ordered brisket platters which come with two sides, and while the fried corn on the cob sounded like an interesting choice, I opted to upgrade my two sides to just one baked potato.


Pappy’s has 4 different sauces in bottles out on their tables, Pappy’s original, Carolina Vinegar, Jane’s Sweet Sauce, and a spicy Hoodoo Sauce. Normally I’m a spicy person, but this time around, Pappy’s Original Sauce was my favorite.


As you wait for your food to arrive, you can take in all the menus that have been signed by famous visitors.


Finally our heaping baskets of food arrive. My potato was huge and the serving of brisket was also quite large and also comes served on a piece of toast. The brisket was the tastiest I’ve ever had but I wound up eating more potato than brisket while we were there only because I knew the brisket would be far easier to reheat at home than the potato would be. And I was right, the brisket did make for a wonderful lunch the following day as well! I just made sure to douse it with my favorite sauce before putting it into my to-go boxes. They have those boxes readily available for you to grab on your own since they don’t come back to your table after bringing the food to you since you’ve already paid when you ordered at the counter.

If you are looking for barbecue in St. Louis, there are many options, but in my opinion, this is your best bet!

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