Cardinals Museum ~ St. Louis, Missouri

When we purchased tickets to the Busch Stadium Tour, our tickets also included admission into the Cardinals Museum. As much as I enjoyed the stadium tour, I didn’t figure I’d be that interested in what the museum would have as the only time I really enjoy baseball is if I’m at the game in person. I can’t stand watching on TV and rarely keep track of how the team is doing until it gets close to the World Series. (However, I have been more interested in tracking the team since taking the tour.) But boy was I impressed with the museum! You don’t want to skip this if you are a Cardinals fan, and even if you aren’t, keep reading for the unique opportunity they give you in this museum.

To get to the museum, you can go in the side door of Ballpark Village (Fox Sports Midwest buiding, as of right now it’s the only building, but they are in the process of expanding Ballpark Village). There is a small store when you walk in, but you want to go to up the stairs to the left. Once you reach the second level, you will enter the museum area. Someone will stamp your tickets showing that you’ve used your entry.

The museum is laid out in a timeline fashion following the history of the 3 stadiums the Cardinals have used here in the city. It was really cool to see the models of each stadium. While in the second stadium area, we had the unique opportunity of seeing the World Baseball Classic Trophy. Not being a huge baseball follower, I did not understand how significant it was to have the trophy there while we visited until I read about World Baseball in that part of the museum. The U.S. won the trophy for the first time in the most recent World Baseball Classic and the trophy is making it’s rounds from museum to museum for the public to view. It’s kind of a big deal.


As if seeing this special trophy wasn’t enough….as we made our way into the newest Busch stadium area, a museum worker sat off to the side and asked if we wanted to hold World Series rings. I stopped dead in my tracks, looking around for some sign that told me there would me some extra cost for me agreeing to do so….nope! Seriously this moment alone was worth the 18 bucks we paid to do the tour and museum! How many people get to say they held a World Series ring?


But if that’s not enough for you…you can also hold a bat that’s been used from one of your favorite players. The day we were there they had 6 different bats to choose from. I chose one from current fan favorite Yadier Molina, while Andrew opted to hold the great Stan Musial’s bat.


Our days were seriously made by both of those opportunities and we still talk about them weeks later! We’ve been bragging up the museum to anyone who mentions the Cardinals. It’s definitely a memory we will carry with us for a lifetime!

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