Busch Stadium Tour ~ St. Louis, Missouri

A few months ago, I posted about our trip to Busch Stadium for a Cardinals game last summer. You can view that post here. We’ve been to several games over our three years living here, but had never taken the behind the scenes tour. Seeing as how today is the day we discover where we will be moving to over the summer, we knew this was something we wanted to get in before we possibly move away. Ah the joys of being a soon to be pastor’s wife!

We booked tickets for our stadium tour about a week ahead of time. (I was keeping an eye on the weather forecast, as tours go rain or shine.) You can also buy the tickets the day off on location, but you run the risk that the tour may be sold out. It’s best to go on the tour in the off season to guarantee that you see everything, but tours are offered all year round. While we were there they were keeping the grass warm and growing as opening day was fast approaching.


After meeting by the Stan Musiel statue, the tour heads into the stadium where you get a quick look at the field before going up an escalator to your first stop, The Champions Club. Anyone can buy tickets to this area. Food and drinks are available to anyone in this section and you can alternate between sitting outside in regular baseball park seats or situate yourself at one of the many tables inside and watch the game from the TV’s scattered around the Club. While you’re up there you can also check out all the World series trophies.

The next stop on the tour brought us to the Redbird Club. This space tends to be used by season ticket holders and has an all-inclusive bar and buffet. The decor is fun as it is covered with someone’s collection of old baseball cards painted onto the wall. Again you have the option to either sit outside in the cushioned seats to watch the game, or come inside to cool down from the St. Louis heat.

Our next stop was just a short walk away, the Radio Broadcast Booth.


Finally we made our way down to the dugout via the Cardinals Club. This club looks like a fancy restaurants and food is provided by some of the top chefs in the area. They also have live piano music playing while you dine. The seats used by the Cardinals Clubbers are the green seats right behind home plate. Typically these seats are all held by large businesses, but sometimes these groups sell the seats for cheaper. I didn’t take any pictures of the Club as we just did a quick walk through.

Finally we reached the moment we all were waiting for. Walking onto the Cardinal’s ball field and spending time in the dugout.

We got to spend quite a bit of time out on the field, which was very fun. They gave us plenty of time to take photographs wherever we wanted in the dugout.

I highly recommend taking the Busch Stadium tour even if you aren’t a Cardinals fan. It gives you a great history of the team and how they have evolved over the years. It made me appreciate my team even more.

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