Shake Shack~ St. Louis, Missouri

While Shake Shack technically is a franchise, they only tend to be located in large cities, and the one in St. Louis just recently opened a few months ago. We decided to give it those few months to die down and then visited on a weekday during spring break.

St. Louis’ Shake Shack is located in the Central West End (rumor has it that another will open at Ballpark Village in the near future.) The Shake Shack creator was a St. Louis native so it’s apparently a surprise that it’s taken this long for the area to get one. Parking can be hard to come by in the Central West End, but we lucked out and got a metered parking spot just a few blocks away. They also have parking garages in the area, most of those have a fee as well.

When you enter Shake Shack, you wind your way through the line. They have the menu printed huge on the wall so you can decided while you wait in line. We went for the standard cheeseburger with nothing else on it and each ordered a chocolate shake as well. You receive a little buzzer that will go off when your food is ready.

While the line for ordering food didn’t seem too long, it was still hard to find a place to sit. We wound up sharing the end of a high top table that another couple was also using.

It didn’t take long to get our food and boy did it look good!


The cheese was perfectly melted, and while the burgers appear quite thin, they are still extremely filling. The shake was very thick and to me wasn’t anything overly special. I’m glad I tried it, but if I came back I’d just stick with a burger and fries. The fries were perfectly done, just the right amount of crispy! They were probably my favorite part of the meal!

I found the taste of Shake Shack to be just a slight step above Culver’s or Freddy’s if you are familiar with either chain. You feel just slightly classier eating at Shake Shack, which makes sense since it’s just popular in bigger cities. Several doctors from the nearby hospitals were frequenting this location for lunch.

Shake Shack is worth the visit, but I won’t go out of my way to eat there again. However if I’m close to one again, I would consider it over other fast food options.

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