Fozzie’s Sandwich Emporium~ Richmond Heights, Missouri

Our first two years in the St. Louis area, we lived just up the road from Fozzie’s Sandwich Emporium, yet never found time to visit it. We decided to remedy that situation on a cold, rainy St. Patrick’s Day this year.

Fozzie’s is a small little shop, (they have another location in Des Peres, not sure if it’s bigger or not,) that has a few tables inside but they seem to be more to sit at while waiting for your order, not for actually staying to dine. I few people were dining in, but the line of people made that a little awkward, so we wound up taking ours to go. They do usually have outdoor seating, but given the cold, rainy weather of that week, they didn’t actually have any outdoor tables set up.

They have sandwiches, salads, and burgers on their menu, as well as shakes. We were very excited to try their Juicy Lucy, as that’s our favorite way to enjoy a burger. If you don’t know what a Juicy Lucy is, it’s when they stuff the cheese inside your burger so it’s a nice melted mess when you eat it. It’s delightful. We both ordered ours with pepperjack cheese and nothing else on them.


As you can see our burgers weren’t much to look at, and if I’m being honest, that stayed the trend of the meal once we started eating them as well. They were just okay. Maybe it’s because we’ve had them at places that claim to have had the original Juicy Lucy, or maybe it’s because my dad makes them with meat from a meat market and cheese from a cheese factory that just makes us spoiled but I really didn’t find anything exciting about this burger. Andrew even said he’d rather go to Culver’s than eat this. (We do love Culver’s when it comes to fast food, but when you pay what you do for this burger you shouldn’t have to compare it to fast food.)

I think my ultimate beef (pun intended) with this burger was the fact that since they are a sandwich shop they simply put a slice of cheese in the middle. Elsewhere, they use shredded cheese so that it melts into a nice mess, and bursts out bubbling with your first bite. Here bits of the slice of cheese were hanging out before we even bit into it and just didn’t seem like the right consistency compared to all the other Juicy Lucy’s we’ve had in the past. I also felt like the burger patties were a little heavy on the onions that were diced into the meat patties.

If you love sandwiches you may find something else on the menu that would entice you to try Fozzie’s, but in my opinon, I say go find sandwiches somewhere else!

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