Mom’s Deli ~ St. Louis, Missouri

For the three years that I’ve taught school in south city, I’ve had to drive past Mom’s Deli every day on my way to work. It took us until the week before spring break in March to try it out and I’m so sad we haven’t tried it sooner!

I’m not sure if it still rings true, but co-workers had advised me two years ago that when I went to try it I would need cash as they didn’t take card at that time. I remembered the warning from previous years so just came armed with cash the day we went and didn’t pay attention to see if anyone paid with card or not.

Mom’s Deli is located in a small house. When you walk in, there are chips/dip/drinks and even cookies available for purchase like a mini convenience store. You wind your way around to the counter where all the meat is sitting waiting to be sliced and place your order. I suggest looking at the menu online before you get there as the line can be long, but most people dropping by are locals and know what they want before they walk in the door. Also the menu board located above the counter isn’t very specific as to what’s on each sandwich, whereas the menu online is.

It was easy to place our order. I went for the Beef and Cheddar and Andrew had the BBQ Beef. The Beef and Cheddar also comes with gravy. They did ask if I wanted it with the gravy which seemed like a silly question to me! Of course I do!


It may not look that exciting, but trust me this is the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten! It also was extremely filling so I was able to save half of it for dinner!

Mom’s does have a few tables outside where you can eat, but we took ours to go as it was pretty cool out that day. You also can order ahead and pick up your order as soon as you walk in the door!

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