Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery ~ St. Louis, Missouri

A few years back I stumbled upon an article on Facebook that listed the “Best Ice Cream Place” in every state. We were pleased to see Missouri’s was located downtown in Lafayette Square and made a quick trip down to Clementine’s. Clementine’s is known for it’s “naughty” flavors that included alcohol. Neither Andrew and I are big alcohol lovers, so we both tried nice flavors that day.

Fast forward to just a month ago, we just revisited Clementine’s, only this time in their new location in the DeMun neighborhood just west of Forest Park, and right across the street from the east end of the seminary. Andrew and I were out for a walk around campus and figured we would treat ourselves to some dessert.

The place was packed when we arrived with no seats left indoors. We had to wait in line for quite a while as there was only one person working and she had to constantly go back and forth from serving to the register, washing her hands in between each time. You also can sample flavors before ordering, so this added to the time we spent in line as several people in front of us tried several samples before deciding what they wanted.


I sampled one flavor when we finally had our turn in line and that’s the flavor I chose to get, Midnight Pleasures. Andrew opted for the Nutella flavor. They make all of their ice cream from scratch with the finest natural ingredients. Flavors rotate quite often.


Since the inside was rather full even after waiting in line, we opted to enjoy some warmer weather we were having that week, and enjoyed our ice cream outside in their small patio area located just in front of the store. These patio areas are common around this whole neighborhood and you can spot several more from other restaurants by taking a quick stroll further up the street.


While I’m not sure that I’d call Clementine’s the “best” ice cream I’ve ever eaten, it is right up there near the top. Be sure to stop in and check out whatever unique flavors they have out for the day.

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