Sugarfire Smoke House~ St. Louis, Missouri

Andrew and I always make a point to go out somewhere special for Valentine’s Day. Being that this year Valentine’s Day coincided with Ash Wednesday, it made planning a date a little trickier as we had commitments at church in the evening. So….we got creative and decided to have a Valentine’s date lunch.

We’ve been wanting to return to Sugarfire for awhile now as we really enjoyed their brisket when we first tried it two years ago. However, if you want good barbecue, you have to be willing to pay a pretty penny, so we don’t often go as we are saving every penny while Andrew finishes out seminary. But we always do splurge a bit for Valentine’s so it seemed like a good time to return. Plus, it’s always best to visit Sugarfire earlier in the day as they have been known to run out of certain meats as the day goes on.

I was surprised at how busy Sugarfire was when we arrived around 11am. The last time we were there we’d had a table all to ourselves and only a few others were being used. This time every table was filled! The rule at Sugarfire is you make your way through the line before finding a table. You placed your order at the counter, telling them what your meat choice is first. They place it right on a sheet pan and your sheet continues on it’s journey down the line where you pick out your sides and any other extras you may want.

We always pick a certain weight limit of meat, because the meat is so good on it’s own you don’t need it in sandwich form. You also get two sides with the platter of meat. Some standard sides they have every day, but they also have some that switch daily (like the Au gratin potatoes we were able to snag the day we visited!) We also both opted for a side of Mac and Cheese. I’m not a huge fan of it, but Andrew loves any type of Mac and cheese so I knew he’d finish what I didn’t.

We’ve been shying away from drinking soda lately, but we decided to treat ourselves that day A) because it was date night and B) because they have soda from a Cola Company that you can’t find just anywhere. I opted for Ski soda and it was so much better than the Mountain Dew it’s probably based off of.

20180214_121407 As you can see you really do get a decent amount of food! I ate all my brisket in one sitting as I find it to taste best in the moment, but we did take some of both of our sides home with us. We were lucky and found a seat at a table with another couple. They were first timers and it was fun to see their reaction to how good the food was.

Sugarfire also has about 5 different sauces out on the tables. I recommend putting a little of each to sample on your tray before dousing your meat with just one. You never know which one you may like the best!

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