Florida Bucket List: Central

It’s finally time to get back to the state bucket list series! I’ve finally received my next few state travel guides for 2018! As you may recall me mentioning I had to zoom ahead to Alabama after Georgia because my 2018 Florida guide hadn’t arrived yet. I’ve got 3 regions to cover in Florida and then we will head into Mississippi. I’ve actually been to Florida twice, but all those pictures are either stashed away in storage until we move in the summer, or they reside at my parents house, so you will have to just use your imagination if I say I’ve been somewhere, but want to give it a shout out.

Today we will be making our way to Central Florida, what I like to call the amusement park mecca. I’d usually much rather visit a National Park or historic site/museum than spend time at an amusement park, but there are a few that I think are/would be worth checking out when in Central Florida.


  • Daytona International Speedway: Growing up my dad was always a big NASCAR fan, so on one of our trips down to Florida we made a point to stop off and tour the speedway. I don’t remember a ton about the actual tour, but you did get to virtually race at the end if you choose to and I do remember that being pretty fun!

Fort Pierce

  • Manatee Observation and Education Center: This seems like a fun and inexpensive way to see some of Florida’s natural wildlife, even if you aren’t guaranteed a manatee sighting, it’s worth the try  for a buck.
  • National Navy SEAL Museum and Memorial: I feel like this would be a great learning opportunity about a portion of our military I know little about.

Lake Wales

  • Florida’s Natural Growers Grove House: Juice samples! A self-guided tour through the orange grove! Sign me up!


  • The Crayola Experience: I love everything about Crayola! My room as a kid was crayon themed. The fact that I can make a name my own crayon is enough to have me visit here!
  • Disney World: This of course is a must. I’ve been twice, but any visit to Disney is always magical!
  • The Holy Land Experience: I remember passing this on the interstate on our way to Disney World years ago and being intrigued by what it may be like. While I’m sure it’s nothing when compared to actually visiting the Holy Land, but the price is fairly reasonable for an “amusement park” type attraction and I feel like it could be educational.
  • Sea World Orlando: I have visited Sea World once and love our time there. I’ve always loved the chance to get up close and personal with ocean animals.
  • Universal Studios Florida: I want to visit here simply to go to Harry Potter World!

Ponce Inlet

  • Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse: We love our lighthouses!

Port Canaveral

  • Exploration Tower: From what I’ve read, this sounds like a fairly new attraction that gives you some history on the area, as well as info about the cruise and space industries, and a nice city view from the top floor observation deck.


  • Sebring International Speedway: This is America’s oldest racing track, so I imagine it would be worth it to stop by.


  • Busch Gardens: I’m putting this on the list because I’ve always heard pretty good things about it, but not sure if I’d want to spend the money on a visit or not!
  • The Florida Aquarium: I love aquariums and I’m guessing they’d have some unique creatures being Florida is surrounded by so much ocean!


  • Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex: I feel no trip to Florida is probably complete without this experience, although I’ve never been either time I’ve been to Florida!
  • Space Walk of Fame: I’m sure this would be something simple to stop by and see!

This has been the first of three Florida bucket list posts. All attractions were found listed in the 2018 Florida Travel Guide.


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