Anheuser-Busch Biergarten ~ St. Louis, Missouri

Some of you who have been following along for the last few months may recall the post about when my sister and I visited the Anheuser-Busch Brewery this summer. Due to our early morning tour we weren’t in the mood for lunch at that point. Andrew and I recently returned for dinner at the Biergarten. We’d gone once before following the tour he and I took a few years ago, and I was eager to return for their Pub Pretzels. I could care less about the beer as neither of us are beer drinkers.

It was a weekday the day we returned so it was pretty slow for business. They only had the indoor portion open but pretty much let us have our pick of tables. I just love the way their menus are displayed at the Biergarten.


We of course knew we’d come for the Bavarian Pretzel Sticks, but I wouldn’t mind coming back sometime for a Brat as well. The nice thing about the Biergarten is when I told them not to waste the mustard on me as I wouldn’t eat it with my pretzel, they gladly subbed in another side of beer cheese!


Since we just ordered appetizers, it didn’t take very long for our food to arrive. Our waitress was very attentive to our needs and offered refills on our drinks twice in the short time we were there.

We always enjoy our time there and another fun bonus was they had one of their Clydesdale horses out front when we arrived. We didn’t photo op with it as we’ve seen them lots of times before, but that was something new that we hadn’t seen them do before!

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