Lakeside Cafe~ Maryland Heights, MO

While walking around Mallard Lake, we came across a gem of a restaurant located off the parking lot for the trail. We knew we needed to check out Lakeside Cafe just by seeing the back patio area from the walking path.

After walking the trail one day, we decided to stop in for dinner. It was a Friday night, but it wasn’t overly busy yet. They were going to have live music on the patio later, and the guy was getting everything set up when we were led to our table. The cafe is open year round, but it didn’t appear to have much for indoor seating, but once when we walked the trail in a cooler month, it looked like they sealed the patio in for those colder months so it could still be used for seating even then.

The menu was much more extensive than I had anticipated. They had starters and nachos on one page.


A small drink menu.



Salads and Soups


Wraps and Sandwiches


Grill options and Fish


And of course standard beverage options and desserts.


So many things sounded simply amazing, so I’m pretty sure we will have to have a return visit before we move this summer, however we loved what we had so it will be tough to return and try something new when what we ordered was already so tasty!

As it was still a pretty warm day, we decided to go with a lighter dinner and both ordered nachos. While I’m sure it would have been much more cost effective to just go in on a large order that feeds more people, we both wanted to try a different kind so we each ordered a small version of the ones we wanted to try.  I went with the Buffalo Chicken while Andrew went for the Barbecue Chicken.

While we waited for our food we got to take in the nice view and enjoy watching other people’s dogs dine on the patio with them! Bonus if you have just walked the trail with your dog!


As it was a Friday night, it did take a little bit of time for us to get our food, but we were not at all disappointed when it finally did arrive! Our nachos were so tasty and incredibly filling!

As we began our nacho feast, the live music also began, and as it got darker little twinkly patio lights were lit above us. It was just a wonderful  and fun experience overall!


Lakeside Cafe may be off the beaten path, but it truly is a gem in the St. Louis area, and one of my favorite places we’ve dined since living here! It’s well worth a stop if you want to slow down for the evening or just dine like a local.

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