Arch View Cafe ~ St. Louis, MO

Our real reason for coming down to Gateway Arch National Park back in September, besides getting my National Park Passport stamped, was to go try the food at Arch View Cafe. This had been somewhere my sister had suggested up as a restaurant to try when we had come down in July, but since it was so hot that week, we’d decided against eating out in the hot sun!

Arch View Cafe is located along the docking area of the Gateway Arch Riverboats. They are open from April-December, which is when the boat tours run. Here’s the view of the Arch from the dock space just to give you an idea of how close you are!


They have several seating options along the dock area, from picnic tables to regular patio tables, to some high top patio tables. We opted for a high top.

They have a few windows open where you walk up to order your food. The menu is placed on the sides of the windows. This can be a little problematic if the line is longer and you can’t see what is offered before you get up to the window. I took some shots of the menu with the camera on my phone so that we could stand to the side and decide what we wanted before getting in line.

A lot of the food is your standard “fair food” of hot dogs, corn dogs, nachos, etc. but they also have several sandwich options to choose from as well. We weren’t overly hungry in the St. Louis heat, so we went for Corn Dogs and a plate of Nachos to share. The only other downside was we wanted water, but they only sold it in bottle form, which stinks because we usually get water as a way to save money with our meal.

After you order you stand to the side to wait for your food to arrive in the “Pick Up” window. I used this time to get a nice selfie with the Arch!


Finally our food arrived and I took it back over to our table for our enjoyment! It was really quite delicious and nice to eat with a gorgeous view of the Arch! I highly recommend it as a reasonably priced and quick meal to grab in the area!


Just up the path a bit from the Cafe, we also stumbled upon this marker from when the river has flooded. We were on our way back up to the Metro stop on the Eads Bridge and thought it was a fun find!


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