Mr. Wizard’s Frozen Custard ~ St. Louis, Missouri

As referenced in other frozen custard posts, I of course needed to included a review of Mr. Wizard’s, even if it’s been trumped by Fritz’s.

Mr. Wizard’s is our go-to frozen custard place if we are feeling like custard when we are down by campus. They have two locations that I know of, one off Big Bend Blvd in Maplewood and one in Affton. We have only ever visited the Maplewood location.

Mr. Wizard’s does close for a few winter months, but as of a week ago, they were already back open! We did a little happy dance when we drove by and noticed that.

Whenever we go, I always get my standard. Chocolate custard with Oreos and Marshmallow cream. It’s always just perfect! Andrew keeps his order similar but usually goes with mint instead of marshmallow.


They have several tables where you can enjoy your custard, or you can always take it to go!

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