Mike Duffy’s Pub and Grill ~ Richmond Heights, Missouri

Mike Duffy’s is the first restaurant we went to in St. Louis when we moved here for the first time in 2014 since it’s one of the closest restaurants to the seminary. This past summer we visited again after helping one of Andrew’s friends move his stuff back into his dorm room. Looking online, they have three locations in the St. Louis area, but we’ve only ever been to the Richmond Heights location.

One of the reasons we chose to eat close to campus this time was because there had just been a massive thunderstorm passing through so we didn’t feel like traveling out much further on the roads. Due to this, our waitress informed us right away that they were currently only able to take cash or check as their power had been down and messed up their credit card readers. We were there with Andrew’s friend’s entire family, so between the 6 of us, we had plenty of cash to go around, so we decided to stay.

On our previous visit to Mike Duffy’s, I’d tried their wings and hadn’t been impressed, so this time around, I went for the Pub Pretzels. Andrew and his friend shared a pizza, and several others at our table ordered salads. The salads were quite large so they were satisfied with that for their meal. Andrew also said the pizza was decent.

My pretzels were just okay as far as pub pretzels go. I liked that they were small in size, but the nacho cheese sauce seemed to lack flavor. So once again, Mike Duffy’s didn’t pull through for me by my standards. That being said, I know plenty of other people on campus have raved about their burgers, so maybe if I find myself there again, that would be the way to go. I probably won’t find myself there though, seeing as how there are many other restaurants in the area that I would rather try or revisit.


The one nice thing was that by the time we finished eating, the card reader was back up and running, so we didn’t have to end up pooling all our cash together to pay for the meal!

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