Dogs & Fries ~ Florissant, Missouri

As some of you may know, I am in avid TripAdvisor user. Typically I use it when we are out on trips, but seeing as how we had recently moved to Florissant, and weren’t overly familiar with the north suburbs of St. Louis, I had done some restaurant research on TripAdvisor before moving. This was one restaurant that caught my eye.

Dogs & Fries is not much to look at on the outside. It’s located in a strip mall on the west side of Florissant, sitting just off a side street. Walking in it had kind of a Hispter vibe to it, but there were lots of older grandparents sitting at the table waiting for their food, so clearly it catered to all types of people!

The menu options consist of, you guessed it, hot dogs and fries, however even with only two food options it was very difficult to decide what we wanted to try, as they offer so many different ways you can make both these food options.  They have 24 dogs options alone!

We finally settled on our choices after a very kind, and patient worker helped provide suggestions. Andrew went with the Mac ‘n’ Cheese Dog, while I kind of made my own by getting a Plain Jane with some queso blanco on top. We also shared an order of original cheese fries. Thank goodness we shared as you received a lot of fries in that order.

We opted to just get water to drink, but if you get any fountain soda, they are sodas made specifically in the area, by the people who own Sugarfire BBQ. Going in, I figured the fries would be my favorite part as I can be pretty particular about my hot dogs (I’m not usually a fan of the all beef franks,) however, I surprised myself and loved my dog and was just okay with the fries. They were a little soggy for my liking.

We enjoyed our time at Dogs & Fries, but have a lot of other restaurants we would return to before trying this one out again.

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