Doozle’s~ Florissant, MO

Shortly after we moved to Florissant (a northern suburb of St. Louis), we were happy to stumble upon a frozen custard place just a few miles up the road from us. We had always been pretty partial to Mr. Wizard’s down in Clayton when we lived in that area and hoped we would find a successful replacement so that we wouldn’t have to drive down 20 minutes every time we wanted good frozen custard.

Doozle’s has a few windows where you can orders from and then sit outside at the few tables they had. The nice thing is that they also have a a drive through which means they are open year round.

I ordered a sundae with Oreos and marshmallow cream. The custard was good, but it still wasn’t as good as our favorite Mr. Wizard’s. However given it’s proximity to us, we have been back several times.


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