Amana Colonies~ Amana, Iowa

Just a short half hour drive from Iowa City is the town of Amana, part of the Amana colonies. The Amana Colonies are known for their quaint, German heritage. The town of Amana is the main town within the colonies area, and contains several restaurants, wineries, and little stores. They also have a furniture store and butcher shop in the area. Andrew and I visited once on our own, and we also returned the weekend we were packing up to move from Iowa City with my parents.


The architecture of all the buildings is absolutely beautiful. One of our favorite shops was filled with crafts made by local artists. We also enjoyed the main winery on the main road that had lots of fruity wines. The other shop where we got lots of pictures was a chocolate shop that also had some wonderful drinks. The last time we visited it was very warm so having a nice cool drink was very refreshing.

As you can see, Andrew loves the homemade peanut butter cups and I like my chocolate truffles. We also both really enjoyed our cookies and cream frappes which also came with a free chocolate covered Oreo which was also delightful!

We highly recommend a trip to the Amana Colonies for anyone venturing through the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area. It feels like a step back in time and each shop is filled with unique treasures.

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