Gobble Stop Smokehouse~ Creve Coeur, MO

After a long hot morning at the zoo and a nice dip in the hotel pool, my sister and I decided to grab dinner nearby at Gobble Stop Smokehouse. The St. Louis area has plenty of smokehouse restaurants to choose from, but what makes Gobble Stop unique is that it is strictly Chicken and Turkey, unlike most other smokehouses that offer brisket and pork.

Gobble Stop is located in a strip mall in the suburb of Creve Coeur. There are a few tables for seating, but most people just take their orders to go and wait at the tables for their food to be prepared. We opted to take ours back to the hotel.

I choose to order the Buffalo Smoked Chicken Sandwich and my sister chose, the Turkey Leg. We visited on a Wednesday in the summer, but I noticed on the online menu now that they say the Turkey Leg is only available on Fridays, so clearly they’ve made some changes since our visit.


I was really excited to try my sandwich as I love buffalo chicken and it only seemed better to add cheese on a pretzel bun, however while it tasted okay, I’m not a fan of adding buffalo sauce to already smoked meat. Pretty sure smoked chicken should just be mixed with barbecue sauce instead of buffalo. However my side of fries was quite tasty.

My sister really enjoyed her turkey leg and even had enough for extras another day. While I’m glad to have tried Gobble Stop, I’d much rather frequent one of the other area smokehouses and have some good ole brisket!

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