Fitz’s~ St. Louis, Missouri

One of the places I have to take everyone who visits St. Louis is Fitz’s. Fitz’s is a bottleworks that also has a restaurant onsite. If you get the chance to dine on the lower level while the bottle works is running, you can watch whatever soda they are bottling that day go through the bottle works process. I’ve been there when there famous root beer has been bottled and also while their orange cream has been bottled.

The time I went with my sister was shortly after the noon hour in the middle of July. We would have had to wait about half an hour for a table inside, and surely didn’t want to eat outside given the over 100 degree weather. Instead we opted to eat at the bar seating upstairs since you can order anything on the menu while seated there.

It was clear from the get-go that the bartender himself was also busy trying to wait tables located near the bar, but he quickly handed us some menus and after making a few drinks for other tables quickly got around to taking our drink order. As this is their bottle works, you have many different choices of in-house soda, as well as several cocktails and shakes/floats that feature the use of their creations. I usually opt to get a soda (their Cardinal Cream is my personal favorite), and once I ordered a float (it was massive), but that day there was a new soda on the menu, the Voo-dew, so that’s what I went for. Most of their sodas are not caffeinated which I usually appreciate, but this one was. Most are also made with real cane sugar which is also a plus, as my sister is fructose intolerant and can’t have a lot of high fructose corn sugar.


It was quick and easy for him to grab our drinks, but then was a few more minutes before he came back to take our food orders. I’ve had their burgers and pizza before, but as it was hot and I never eat much when it’s hot, I went for another standard order of mine, the pretzels sticks with cheese sauce. My sister ordered a wrap with a bowl of gumbo.

As always the food was good and I polished it off but it’s not the most amazing thing I’ve ever eaten either. However I keep coming back for the soda and the atmosphere!

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