Museum of Transportation~ St. Louis, Missouri

Before Andrew and I moved back to St. Louis, my sister and I spent a week in St. Louis for a sister trip. This was fun because it allowed me to finally take her to some of my favorite places in the city, but also gave us a chance to try out some new sites as well. It was ungodly hot the entire week we were there, so we actually spent quite a bit of time poolside at the hotel as well.

We left from Iowa City on a Monday morning and arrived in St. Louis right around lunch time. Naturally that meant I took my sister to her first Chik-fil-A for a quick lunch. Following that we continued our trek down I-270 and turned off to visit the Museum of Transportation. It was already well above 100 degrees and the museum is basically entirely outside.

It cost 8 bucks a person to enter the museum grounds. You start in their main welcome building which has a model train on display as well as a few other different types of vehicles. They also have a nice display dedicated to Walt Disney, as he was a huge train lover and grew up in Missouri. The main building also contains a small cafe and gift shop.

From there you head outside and up a hill to the next building. This building contains several old cars, and my personal favorite, a replica room from the Coral Court Motel that sat along Route 66 in St. Louis.

From there we went into another small building. This building is built to look like an old train station and serves as an alternate entrance to the museum should you choose to park in the upper parking lot. We did enjoy the small miniature train display that was located in that building.

After that everything else you can see is located outside as it is all large trains and even a few planes. I suppose if trains are your thing it’s enjoyable but given the heat of the day, it was just ok by me.

I’ not honestly sure I felt I got my 8 bucks worth out of the museum when so many other museums in the area are free. However, if you have kids who loves all kinds of transportation they probably would enjoy seeing it and riding the small train they have in the kids area as well.

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