Molly’s Cupcakes~ Iowa City, IA

It’s been a tradition to almost always find somewhere that serves cupcakes on our anniversary. That’s because we had S’mores cupcakes at our wedding! This past anniversary proved no exception. We gladly went to our favorite cupcake place in town (and quite frankly, it may be my favorite cupcake place ever,) Molly’s Cupcakes.

Molly’s Cupcakes is located downtown, right across the street from the Old State Capitol. They have quite a few different flavors to choose from each day and also allow you to build your own, although I’ve never tried that option.

We’ve had several different cupcakes from Molly’s over our time in Iowa, and while the S’mores Cupcake is good, this particular day we went with our favorite: Cookies and Cream. It may be called something different on the menu, but that’s essentially what it is.


As you can see, these are a chocolate cupcake with a thin layer of chocolate icing on top, plus the creamy frosted goodness on top of that. Also, there’s a nice chocolate ganache filling inside the cupcake as well!

Molly’s has a very cute storefront that offers swing seats by the counter and some bench/table seating in the front window area. However, we went into town to grab our cupcakes before dinner, so we got ours to-go so that we could enjoy them in our hotel room after dinner at Wig & Pen.

Sorry for the nearly half a year delay in these posts! Subbing in first grade got quite crazy and I’m just beginning a 3 morning a week 3 year old preschool class, but I’m hoping to start this new year off right and get about 3 posts up a week!

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