World’s Largest Truck Stop and Trucking Museum ~ Walcott, IA

During our year of vicarage in Iowa City, our friend Ryan was completing his vicarage in East Moline, IL. It was always a quick hour drive along I-80 and we always wound up driving past the World’s Largest Truck Stop on the way. In June, Ryan’s dad was visiting him and was interested in checking out the Trucking Museum and Truck Stop so we joined them for dinner.

We got there around 4pm so we decided to check out the Trucking Museum portion before it closed. The museum is free to visit. They have a few trucks and gas pumps in the main entry area, along with a space to watch a short film about truckers. Then you can go back into the main museum area, which is literally just a ginormous garage that a bunch of different old trucks are parked in. It was cool to say I checked it out, but being that I’m not a big car or truck person it only held my interest for so long. I did think that the snowmobile truck was pretty cool!

After this we walked into the main truck stop building. The entrance we walked into was where the main food court was located. They have a Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen/Orange Julius, and Caribou Coffee. To the right is also the main convenient store area that you would find in any typical gas station. Ahead is the I-80 Kitchen which is a homestyle buffet. If you go to the left near the I-80 Kitchen, there are yet more gifts and goodies to be found, and beyond that you can also find a whole area designated to the Super Truck Showroom where you can find any supply necessary for modifying your truck and making it your own.

We didn’t actually go to the next 2 levels, but they also have a barber shop, chiropractor, drivers den, dental office, laundry, movie theater, library, private showers, and workout room; anything a trucker could want! Outside of the main building they also have a Truckomat and Dogomat so that you can have a clean truck and clean pet as you make your way across the country. They also have a sorts of fun areas to take some photo ops.


We opted to just eat in the main food court area, so nothing overly exciting to write about that way. Overall it was a fun hour or so spent at a fun roadside attraction.

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